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If you are the victim of an unlawful dismissal or a Toronto wrongful dismissal, you must ensure that your rights are protected. Check out the list of steps to take and actions to avoid. Even though Toronto is a populated city with many job opportunities, it may be difficult to secure a new job.

A Toronto wrongful dismissal may have several practical consequences. It may take a long time for the employee to secure a new position due to intense competition. The job search can take a long time as a result of the number of qualified candidates. The time you spend off work can impact your finances negatively. Being out of work for a long time can also impact your ability to find work.

In other words, even if you are offered compensation or pay in lieu of notice when dismissed by your employer, you must ensure that you are getting what you are legally entitled to. Even though your employer may be offering you Employment Standards Act minimums for termination pay and severance pay, there are many instances where you may be entitled to significantly higher compensation at common law. Also, do not sign or accept any offers from your employer without legal advice.

Do not allow your employer to pressure you. You should seek advice from a wrongful dismissal lawyer. Do not trust advice from friends or relatives.

Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer Ken Alexander can help you with your case

The competitive nature of the job market in Toronto will likely play a role in your wrongful dismissal. Working in Toronto can impact the damages you are able to recover. This is because as an employee, even if you have been wrongfully dismissed, you have an obligation to “cut your losses”.

This obligation is known as the duty to mitigate. In other words, you must make efforts to secure a new job. If you have made all efforts to mitigate, but have been unable to do so due to a competitive job market, this may have a positive impact on the compensation you are able to recover. A Toronto wrongful dismissal therefore may help an employee mitigate his or her losses.

Additionally, the industry you work in will impact your ability to find work in Toronto. The actions of your employer may also play a role in your ability to secure a new job. The employer’s actions occasionally damage the employee’s reputation.

A dismissal can damage your reputation. This is true even if there was no cause to dismiss you. A Toronto wrongful dismissal may have significant consequences on your career, especially if you work in small tight-knit community. It is therefore prudent to consult with a wrongful dismissal lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. Do not make take rash steps. Do not rely on an internet search. Advice from your employer is also inadequate. You should schedule a consultation with a wrongful dismissal lawyer. Ken is happy to discuss your case with you.

The information on this website is for informative purposes only. It is not legal advice. Finally, you can only retain a lawyer after a consultation. If you need a wrongful dismissal lawyer or have any employment law issues, call me at: 416 323 3614