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Kristopher Stone

Employment lawyer Kristopher Stone

Employment lawyer Kristopher Stone

Kristopher Stone is a Toronto based lawyer with a focus in labour and employment law. In 2017 Kristopher was called to the Ontario Bar Association and joined the Davenport Law Group where he practices in association with some of Ontario’s leading employment lawyers, corporate counsel, and wrongful dismissal litigators. Prior to joining DLG, Kristopher spent over a decade working for one of Canada’s most-respected litigators, J. Brian Johnston Q.C., where he learned to expertly navigate the justice system and how to conduct oneself with the utmost integrity. Kristopher is committed to providing exceptional legal service for his clients.

His track record of success includes representing both employers and employees in a range of matters such as employment contracts, severance and termination negotiations, wrongful dismissal, human rights, Long-Term Disability, breach of contract, defamation, etc. In addition to labour and employment, he handles wills and estates, and malpractice suits. He is committed to securing the best possible outcome for his clients in terms of cost, value, and expediency.

He is a skilled litigator and negotiator. Kristopher has made valuable contributions to employment law, serving as winning counsel on several leading decisions in Ontario. In Nufrio v Allstate Insurance Company, 2017 ONCA 948, Kristopher helped overturn the precedent that incorrectly allowed employers to terminate an employee for refusing to work under new terms of employment during the notice period. In Talbot v Nourse et al, 2018 ONSC 1061 where Kristopher helped in achieving a judgment against a rogue employer looking to evade their monetary obligations through application of the “common employer” doctrine.

Kristopher obtained an MA in Socio-Legal studies and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration from York University, and his Law Degree from City, University of London. Kristopher applies his academic background and high standards for integrity and honor in the legal profession to all aspects of his work. Kristopher lives in Toronto’s vibrant Beaches neighborhood with his wife and two young boys. You can contact Kristopher directly by email or by calling him at: 416.323.3252 ext. 238 His full LinkedIn profile is found here